The new way to bank your business

This is banking as it should be

Beyond Banking

We believe online bank systems for businesses are outdated. Therefore, we are reinventing how businesses handle money and do banking: Get an instant overview of financial health, accept and make payments, analyze them and report taxes. All in one system. Working with money shouldn't be a pain.

How's your business doing?

Get an instant overview over your business' financials with intuitive visuals such as graphs, pie-charts and key numbers. This is just like your fitness tracker, but for your business' health.

Invite your entire team

Invite everyone from your team to join. Give them different access types so one employee can only see payments, while another can also pay bills. You can even invite your accountant to join the party. You never have to export or take screenshots of your transaction list to send to your accountant ever again, they can simply balance out the numbers directly from Hufsy.

Connect and sync with other apps

Hufsy connects with other systems and tools you use and automatically syncs them. No need to manually export to Dropbox or put bank numbers into your accounting system.

“Hufsy will help us gather all our financials in one place. This will provide us a quicker and more precise tool to have insight in our business and automate our cross-platform work that's cost and time heavy"
"I love that I can see what happened since last time I logged in and that I get an instant overview of my pending expenses."
“I like that I get an overview of my business finances in Hufsy. I never get a big picture like that from my traditional bank”

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